Mark Healey : Deep insideManoa Drollet doing what he knows the best : make it.Majestic Teahupoo crownFred Patacchia thru the finest of turquoiseBobby Martinez, winner of the Billabong Pro 2006, with his "mamie" of Vaitenui pensionSupaHeiarii Williams surfing Teahupoo mountains (of water) and winning the Von Zipper Air Tahiti Nui trial 2006Hommage √  Malik JoyeuxMalik, staying god in our heartsLaird Hamilton at Teahupoo (shot today and already available to the world :-) )"Houston, we need a surfer!"Paddling out to Teahupoo reefParko at workLa vague de Teahupoo #2Un des Hobgoods √  TeahupooShane Dorian √  TeahupooLa vague de Teahupoo #1
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