Smiling at the outer reef

Smiling at the outer reef
(5) - 30/05/2007 01:10 - mots-clés : [Bodyboard]  [Diptyque]  [Grommet]  [Taharuu]  [Underwater]  

This "diptyque" is supposed to simulate binoculars, as this sequence was shot at the outer reef in Papara.

For the story, Hiro with his brother Varoa were cooking "pua roti" (chinese-tahitian roast pork) the whole night before. If you stop by on sunday morning (before 7am of course !), just check out the Pitate Tuna near Taharuu bridge. You'll get stoked by the food... and the waves !

  • good pictures
    simon @ 08/07/2007 05:29
  • hiro top ton tube
    uida uida
    muna @ 17/10/2007 22:06
  • MY GOD!! WidaXxX!! Trop pure cette photo! un jour tu s'ra célèbre dans le monde avec tes Reverse Air!!!
    tm mon ami! XD
    Poe @ 12/12/2007 16:50
  • c'est la droite de maoti non ?
    Arii-Nui @ 07/09/2008 08:45
  • yes men,
    tu chome pa toi hahahahaha,
    alors c kan la prochaine session a taps
    number6 (roonui) @ 12/01/2009 12:45