Laird Hamilton at Teahupoo (shot today and already available to the world :-) )

Laird Hamilton at Teahupoo (shot today and already available to the world :-) )
(6) - 02/10/2005 19:03 - mots-clés : [Surf]  [Teahupoo]  

The day started at 5:20am for me. Sunny day for a big sunday. I headed up to Gen's house, my japanese friend, and we went straigth to Teahupoo. 45 minutes later, we were at the Teahupoo Marina, and as I did not want to renew the usual "oh no we cannot take you out there, we are too packed in this boat, you have to rent your boat by yourself", we went right after to the end of the road. There, we could see all the gnarly waves bombing the Teahupoo reef. I decided to take my water housing out of its case, wondering if I should go for the 70-200mm or the 17-40mm. The big waves out there could clearly tell me that I had to go for the 70-200mm lens. So I prepared my water housing, we put our boards in the water and paddled out to the reef from the point... (more tomorrow next time)

  • Il a des straps, non ?
    gregR @ 02/10/2005 20:19
  • So when do we hear about topless women waving at you? lol We want the suiiiiteeuuuhhh !
    Punareva @ 04/10/2005 20:53
  • des straps !? meuh non ! tout le monde sait que laird shoote des monstres en tongs ;)
    peter @ 05/10/2005 06:53
  • Puna tu étais l -bas ???? la peur d'être t'chopé par une vague m'a fait raté ça ??? dommage, j'aurais bien troqué mon photoblog contre un skyblog, le temps d'une photo :-) Peter, euh... exactly jimmy ! (y), oups ça marche pas !
    Maiko @ 05/10/2005 22:47
  • Teeeeuuuiii (pr rester ds l'esprit local from Teahupoo) t'as vu Maiko, Peter il a volé ma réplique ! Et pis d'abord tu sais les skyblog, quand on est jeune c'est fun (et ça rime) LOL PS: non d'accord moi non plus j'y crois pas mais c'est parfait pour mes photos non-artistiques Na :p
    Punareva @ 06/10/2005 13:45
  • Wow. That's an amazing surf shot. The wave looks huge. Well done. Good choice going with the zoom lens.
    Ed @ 11/10/2005 05:43