Hira in da tube

Hira in da tube
(3) - 03/03/2008 20:56 - mots-clés : [Hanging around]  [Light painting]  [Nuit]  [Surf]  

That was the best part of our Tuamotus' trip : crewzing with da boys when we came back to Tahiti. I do not know how the light-painting session started but somehow Hira and Moe ended up moving their mobile phones in front of my camera set in slow-shutter mode. I showed them the result and the guys caught many ideas. Naughty first, of course. We laught for about half an hour. This photo is the link to what Hira does the best : surfing. At the end I told to myself that creativity is just a game between the subject and the photographer. Here, that creativity has totally shifted to the subject and I was so pleased that once in that week, I had only to push the release button, nothing else.
  • carrment dlire ce trip !!
    Vin-ceu @ 10/03/2008 10:53
  • guy on the right seems pretty chilled to the bone
    Maui @ 04/03/2009 17:34
  • Méchant le montage!!!hey Moe sa fait un by qu'on t'as plus vu sur le Denua!bf*rf gros gros bizu et à Ura aussi! Au fait si t'as des otocolan liquid même si je sais que tu ne va pas me les donneés!!!!lol
    Anthinazzzzzzzzzz @ 04/03/2009 19:00