Straight after the World Longboard Tour

Straight after the World Longboard Tour
(3) - 30/08/2007 05:03 - mots-clés : [Longboard]  [Taharuu]  [Watershot]  

Well I couldn' find any picture to complete my "4 elements" theme I started in the previous pictures but hey, it's not despressing me and if I didn't put any picture online for long it's because I was watershooting like mad (Elementary, my dear Watson !). Life goes on and here it is : a good picture I took straight after the World Longboard Tour. Better than all these shitty images I took from the beach during the contest...

If someone knows that guy, just email me. I guess he did the contest too.

edit : I forgot to mention that in the back you can see manoa drollet's father longboarding, you know the big wave rider.

  • chouette photo.
    effisk @ 03/09/2007 06:38
  • you get my phote. this is a very wonderful composition. you captured this just perfectly
    grayfilm @ 17/09/2007 11:11
  • Yes a great composition and interesting shot.
    Axel @ 29/01/2009 05:19