Earth : or dirt :-)

Earth : or dirt :-)
(3) - 13/08/2007 00:05 - mots-clés : [Grommet]  [Hanging around]  [Taharuu]  

Featuring Heimoana Zaveroni and Thomas Chamulo.

It was the same week-end as the previous post. The boys were playing and then I could get my "earth element" for this four-post sequence of the 4 elements.

If you want to see more pictures of Thomas go to his MySpace. For Heimoana, I've got a couple of nice pics of him pumping Teahupoo beast during the trials 2007. One of them is here.

  • Alors Chamula qui bouffe le sable xD
    Kelly @ 14/08/2007 07:30
  • haha. great!
    grayfilm @ 17/09/2007 11:12
  • bande de sale gosse!!! ha lala ferez mieux de vs concentrez sur votre sé
    Tim @ 10/10/2008 18:03